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‘Breastfeeding and Complementary Feeding- a Guide for the Parents’ is an essential guide for parents, to assist them to make an informed decision about feeding their babies. It provides latest and correct scientific knowledge on feeding a child.

The guide caters to mothers who feel they do not enough milk giving key information on how to increase their breast milk supply. It answers their concerns and difficulties related to feeding a baby. It also provides information on what food to give, how to feed and when to feed children above 6 months to 2 years for attaining best growth and health.

Covering nutrition in infancy through toddler years,

the book answers some common questionsand myths related to feeding new born till 2 years of age.

This guide is book developed by BPNI, should be read during pregnancy.

Written by an expert group of paediatricians with scientific information; encapsulating experiences gained with women and babies over the years and is updatedregularly.

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