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Series - 2 , November 2013
  • Improved home cooked food can be as good as RUTF for treating MAM says Cochrane
    Authors' of Cochrane review mentions, "Most of the research so far has focused on industrialized foods, and on short term outcomes of MAM". The world needs studies to evaluate interventions to improve the quality of the home diet. Different types of foods may be equally effective in the short term nutritional rehabilitation of children with MAM.
  • Global WBTi Review Workshop, New Delhi:
    International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN)’s World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative (WBTi) has been introduced in 82 countries since 2004-05 all over the world. The programme is now a central component of all our regions and serves as a strategic tool to generate action for infants and young children’s right to get optimal nutrition. The tool was reviewed with global partners to get an improved and updated assessment in the coming future.
  • One Asia Breastfeeding Partners Forum – 9, Laos 2013
    Countries from South Asia, South East Asia and East Asia came together to support Maternal, Infant, Young Child Feeding and Nutrition issues at the 9th One Asia Forum. Implementation of the International Code for Marketing Breastmilk Substitutes and WBTi assessment emerged as the key priorities for generating policy actions.


Babies Need Mom Made Not Man Made 
A Global Consensus report on The WBC 2012 released



Are We Doing Enough for Our Babies
The WBTi South Asia Analytical Report 2013


Are We Doing Enough for Our Babies, indicates the WBTi South Asia 2013
“Babies Need Mom Made Not Man Made” is the Motto: A Global Consensus report on The World Breastfeeding Conference 2012 released

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